Do you like being in control?

Everything that we think or worry about can be categorized into two types of business.

There is your business and everybody else’s business.

Most of the time when we are trying to control our environment and circumstances, we are focusing on everybody else’s business and not enough on our own. Cue frustration.

Here is a quick exercise to determine which business is consuming most of your energy:

Write down everything you are worried about or think should be different on a piece of paper and then sort them into two groups.

The first group is your business, and the second group is everyone else’s business.

What you will likely discover is that most of the things you are worried about are not your business, they are everyone else’s business. There will be some things on that list that you CAN control. This is where your energy is best focused, missy.

The four things you can control starting today:

  1. Your thoughts.
  2. Your feelings.
  3. Your actions.
  4. Your results.

Controlling what you can control is how you stay in your business. 

It is also how you eliminate unnecessary suffering from worrying about things you have no control over.

You have big goals, dreams, and aspirations for your life.

What could you accomplish if you redirected energy spent trying to control what you can’t and instead focused on what you can?


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