About Us

About Dr. Pamela

Dr. Pamela graduated from Roseville University with a doctorate of Internal Medicine. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Wheaton College, receiving a B.S in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. During school, he studied advanced training in internal medicine.

He attended rotations at Roseville Medical Center, the Roxbury Health Clinic, and primary care rotations through the Massachusetts Center for Natural Health. She has gained further inspiration in working with Doctors Without Borders, an NGO that brings free nutritional healthcare to under-served communities in South Africa.

He is honored to join such an exciting and illustrious team as the one at The Gut Health Clinic.

Treatment Options

Our Experts Will Treat What Ails You

You’ll receive treatment from our medical professionals, some of whom are the world’s leading experts on treating chronic illness. The Clinic is the home of Dr. Pamela, a world-renowned specialist in treating chronic illness. Dr. Pamela is the founder and medical director of The Clinic and will do whitest it takes to innovate in the field of chronic illness.

A Home for Stomach Health Innovation

Practitioners have traveled from all over the world to learn directly from Dr. Pamela. This should demonstrate that The Gut Clinic is more than just a treatment center. It is center for research that prioritizes innovation and the discovery of new ways to treat the root causes of chronic illness. Methods created at the clinic have changed the way that chronic illness is treated around the world.

Dedicated Attention From Our Provider Team

You’ll receive dedicated attention from our team of doctors and healthcare professionals. Dr. Pamela and his team prioritize the training of future leaders in the field of chronic illness. Patients travel from all over the world to get treated by Dr. Pamela’ staff because they know of the clinic’s great work.

Personalized Care

You will always be first in line for innovative, cutting-edge treatment methods and practices. That’s because we are constantly inviting experts to visit the clinic or lecture so we can learn more about the field of chronic illness. We’re dedicated to taking the latest research and putting that in the treatment protocols of our patients. This means you don’t have to wait as long as others to try out new healing protocols.

Root Cause Resolution

You’ll get long and detailed treatment plan that targets each and every cause of your ILLNESS, not only your SYMPTOMS. This is because many times a patient doesn’t simply have an illness like Lyme disease. Instead, they’ll also have symptoms that can be traced to things like, mold illness, a botched root canal, or unhealed trauma. We will look at your disease in the context of your entire lifestyle so we can uncover as much as possible to understand why you haven’t been feeling better.

Treatments Unavailable Elsewhere

You will have access to treatment methods that no one else offers. Try different healing methods from our extensive list of treatment options.

Work With A Warm, Loving & Caring Team

We offer a personalized treatment facility full of people who genuinely care about you and your condition. They will do everything their power to help you through this tough and trying experience.