For several years now I’ve been having a lot of issues with my hearing with hearing loss: tinnitus, ringing in the ears and also pain in my ears. I’ve seen all kinds of different doctors in the past—ENT specialist, other specialists and even a world class specialist at Stanford and nobody could figure out what was going on or how to properly treat what was happening to me. So finally I went and saw Pamela. She helped me discover one of the issues that was going was a histamine intolerance. Through working with Pamela, and adjusting my diet, things have been slowly progressing and getting better. For the first time in a long time I’ve been seeing true progress.

NS, Sacramento

“Pamela Spencer is your Sacramento area nutritionist. She combines an in-depth knowledge of the data with empathy that really enables her to resonate with her clients. Pamela is also great on the platform in front of groups. Combine that with fact she walks her talk, sets a great example, and you have an effective professional who gets results.”

Tony Gates

“The Genetic Nutritional Assessment Report has been very eye-opening for me and has given me the answers I’ve been searching for. I really never expected to see physical improvements at my age, but I have! Since beginning the program, I have seen a steady decline in my inflammation and weight, and I have more energy than ever.”

Elizabeth B., Roseville

“Candice Ward and I attended a great Raw Foods “cooking” class (Backyard BBQ ya’ll!) last night with Pamela Spencer-Nutritionist at the the helm. Being “talked at” about making change is one thing – to actually have a method for making change “hand-delivered” to you in an attractive package that makes it easy, practical, fun and anicipatory (is that a word?) – now THAT is life changing. I think you all can consider me hooked on these classes. :-)”


“I feel FANTASIC! I weighed in this morning at 164 which means I’ve lost 7 lbs since I started 1/7 (about 3 this week). I think adding the Triplefiber along with tea did the trick! I also did 2 days on the elliptical this week and I’m sure that helped. Met a friend at Benihana last night and ordered a fresh salad with shrimp, no dressing, it was delicious! I can’t believe I’ve lost like 35 lbs total!!!! Boy do I need to go shopping. For Super Bowl I’m having shrimp and kale/radish chips. My how my life has changed, thanks to you. :-)”

Nancy, Sacramento

“Pamela, you are great at what you do! I lost nine pounds in about a month period. Now I’m at my optimal weight and ready to ride. You’re worth every cent. I could have spent more money on diet books and still not had a clue. You took all the guesswork out of it.”

George A.

“Good morning, Pamela! I wanted to communicate to you, again, my appreciation for you and all of the amazing help you are giving me. I am feeling so much better, better than I have in 24 years! The “bad” days are not nearly as bad and so many more good days full of energy, motivation, joy and a positive outlook. I know I have more work to do, but I am super encouraged about the direction we are going with my health. Thank you so very much! You are the best! The Beta TCP is totally working and the gall bladder aching is gone now. I was taking 3 tablets per meal over the weekend and no more aching. I am trying 2 tablets per meal today to see how that feels.
Taking the PMS support and the Gaba Ease is a great combination and I feel so much calmer and able to respond better to pressured situations. I also really like the Vitamin E suppositories – they work great! Cutting out the estrodial cream was a wonderful relief on my body and emotions last week. I am looking forward to trying that again when my next crazy first of the month comes on. I am expecting it to not be so crazy anymore. You are helping my plagues and sufferings so much. They have gone on for such a long time. You are such an answer to my prayers! Just wanted you share my continued success with the direction and supplements you are so skillfully applying to my health. I am loving it! Have a beautiful day!”

Debbie, Auburn

“Pamela Connor has been my nutritionist since November 2016. I came in exhausted, obese, totally discouraged, and full of inflammation with liver and gut issues. I had been waking up almost every night for many years with severe heartburn; so bad that acid would come up frequently and my esophagus was irritated. I had been taking prescribed medication for along time without much relief. Within 1 week the symptoms were gone and have never returned. I no longer take medication for heartburn. I have lost 20.5 inches and 21 lbs so far. I am 62 and now keep up with a walking group of 30 year olds! Pamela is kind, compassionate, and a great listener. Trust her advice and you will see amazing results. I know she had given me a much better quality of life!”

Heidi Anticevich

“Pamela, Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support!!!! Today I hit my personal goal, I wanted to lose at least 10 lbs. this time around on the diet and as of this morning I am down 11 (and I still have another week to go) !!!!! Not to mention that brings my total lbs. lost to about 40, I can’t even believe it. I weighed in this morning at 160 and when I started working with you I was approaching 200. AMAZING!!! I feel fantastic! I cleared out my closet and I’m ready to go shopping. :-)”

NG, Sacramento

“Hello Pamela, I want to thank you for meeting with me today and spending your time, energy, expertise, skill and thoughts toward helping me. I am very pleased with the appointment and how informative and practical it was. I look forward to working with you and I appreciate you!”

Debbie Wais

“What a wonderful informative class you held on Monday. I am amazed at how I never stop learning in your presence. The food was delicious, especially the Burdock root salad. Yummy! I am looing forward to the next class. I plan on making time in my schedule so that I can continue this investment in good health. Thank you, Pam. You are the best!!!!”

Dianne L., Fairfield

“I attended your class at Whole Foods last night. Just wanted to let you know, the food was delicious!! Other than the burdock (a new one for me), I have everything on hand to make the recipes. I love that!! Transitioning to no ice in my smoothie this morning. Thank you for the helpful information.”

Jenny, Sacramento

Had an appointment with Pamela Connor today and I was more than pleased with the experience. Staff was super nice and warm! Pamela took the time to really listen to my symptoms and concerns. And I really liked the fact that she aims to get down to the root problem of the issues you may be having. One thing I really loved about her was that she shows genuine concern for your well being and educates you about your health in a very compassionate and positive manner. I’m really looking forward to getting my health back with [her] help.

Melanie M.

“Pamela is a wise and compassionate practitioner, who encouraged me every step of the way. She sought out the reason for my obesity instead of just assuming that I consumed too much “junk food.” The results of those tests and Pamela’s expertise in food and nutrition are the cornerstones in which she built a food plan that works with my body, not against it. This journey has taught me that there is no one eating plan for everyone. My advice to everyone who “suffers” from chronic health issues and/or weight issues is a consultation with Pamela.”

Rickie Kinley

“Hi Pamela, WOW, I never had such a comprehensive trip to a grocery store in all of my 67 years. That old saying is just not true-you can teach an old dog new tricks! _ You just need the right expert to be the trainer (you). Thanks so very much for sharing your excellent knowledge of nutrition and making it practical for my everyday living. Thinking Healthy Thoughts!”