Essential Ingredients Needed

• 1 quart+ Purified water (not tap water)

• 2-3 rounded tbsp Organic Whole Coffee Beans (ground finely each time)

• Enema bag

• Lubricant (for insertion of tube into rectum): a few drops of Organic Olive Oil or Sesame Oil (Avoid petroleum jellies such as KY or Vaseline)

• Old towels (to use when kneeling/laying on the floor); do not use good towels (since any coffee drops will permanently stain the towels)


1. Grind 2-3 tbsp Coffee Beans to a fine powder. Do not do this ahead of time so you will get the freshest, most active phytonutrients from the coffee. Pre-ground coffee beans are partially oxidized & should not be used.

2. Add the ground organic coffee to 1 quart of clean water (not tap water). Bring to a boil. Let it continue to boil for 3 minutes, then turn it down to a simmer. Cover with a lid. Simmer for 15 minutes.

3. Allow it to cool down to a very comfortable, tepid temperature. You can add some room-temperature water (not tap water) or a couple of ice cubes, if you want to cool it faster. Test with your finger. It should be the same temperature as a baby’s bottle. Never use it hot or steaming; body temperature is good.

4. Strain with a fine metal strainer, or use a paint strainer bag, to remove any large particles that could clog the enema tube. Avoid using a paper or cloth filter because it removes some of the essential elements, such as Cafestol, from the liquid.

5. Pour into enema bag or bucket. If you prefer, you can split the quart into two parts. One part to be used right away in enema bag, while the other part can be stored in a container with a cover to retain some of the warmth. If you have parasites, add a few drops of Fruit & Veggie Rinse to the enema liquid.

6. Use some lubricant for insertion of tube into rectum: a few drops of organic olive oil or sesame oil. Avoid petroleum jellies such as KY or Vaseline.


• While the enema is cooking, get your space ready. Make it a comfortable experience. Keep in mind that coffee does stain, so use towels, blankets, and clothes that you don’t mind getting stained.

• The easiest place to do the enema is in the bathroom.

• Figure out what is the best space for you to lie down, whether in the shower/bathtub or on the floor.

• Put down blankets, towels or a mat. You can use a large roll of toilet paper (with a towel over it) as a pillow.

• You may want to have something to cover yourself with, and a pair of socks and/or a heater to keep you warm.

• Have a clock there to time the 12-15 minutes.

• Have a roll of toilet paper or paper towels for a quick wipe-up.

• The coffee can also stain floors, so it’s best to have something on hand.

• You can even have soft music playing or read a book, though I have found that it’s is a great opportunity to enjoy quiet, solitary time.


1. Remove the cover from the tube. Unclasp the clamp and let the liquid run until the coffee begins to run, thereby removing the air in the tube. Reclasp the clamp. You will have to do this over the toilet or sink so that is catches the liquid that comes out.

2. The enema bag needs to be placed above wherever you are lying down, whether it’s on top of the toilet, hung on a towel rack or on a countertop. Ideal height is 18 inches. Higher than this can create too strong of a flow. Having it elevated is necessary so that the liquid flows downward. Situate it in such a way that you can control the clamp that is on the tube.

3. Apply a small amount of oil to the end of the tube to ease with the insertion.

4. The easiest position to insert the enema is on your knees, head down on towel/blanket, so that gravity will help the liquid flow into the colon. Another option is to lie on your right side.

5. Insert the tube into the rectum while using the other hand to support you. Insert it about 2-3 inches. Be gentle & do not push it too far. Breathe & relax.

5. Often, if some fecal matter is lower in the rectal tract, you may want to take in about 1/8 or 1/4 of the liquid – just enough to expel the fecal matter in the lower tract. In this case, it is not necessary to hold the liquid for any period of time. If you’ve had a recent bowel movement, this step may not be necessary.

6. Divide the remaining liquid approximately in half (mentally). Or you may have already separated the liquid, and have the other half in a container which is helping to retain the warmth. If you are new to the enema process, I recommend that you do the enema in two parts. If you feel that you can hold the entire quart, you can also do it that way.

7. Take half of the liquid (about 1/2 quart) into the bowels. Do it gradually. You can use the clamp to control how much and how fast it goes in. Remember to keeping on breathing.

8. Remember to close the clamp & then remove the tube (or you will regret it). Lay on your right side or on your back with legs and pelvis elevated. Hold the first portion for 12-15 minutes. Open to receive this amazing detoxification of your system. Allow your body to relax. You may want to gently massage your belly. If nature calls after taking in the liquid (i.e. you feel a strong urge to expel) – even after a minute or two, do not resist — go ahead and expel it. At first, it may be hard to hold the liquid for the full 12-15 minutes. Later, after several enemas (and thus a certain amount of toxic elimination), it will be much easier for the bowels to hold the liquid for the full 15 minutes.

9. Expel enema.

10. Take in the second 1/2 quart and hold for another 12-15 minutes. Then expel.

11. Clean your enema bag or bucket by running warm water in it with a squirt of Fruit & Veggie Rinse (clasp closed). Dip some toilet paper into the water and wipe off the end of the tube (don’t double dip). Let the remaining liquid run though the tube into the toilet or sink. Do not add more water into the bag or bucket, as the rinse will continue to disinfect the bag or bucket and tube (it remains active for about an hour). Close the clasp and put the cover on the end of tube.

12. After your first few enema sessions you may need to give yourself some time to rest after the enema (20 to 30 minutes) – without walking or exercising. This helps ensure that you are at home, and near a toilet, if another small amount of enema liquid needs to come out that was not expelled earlier.

Enema Tips:

Best enema time: during the day before 6 pm. Some find that doing the enemas too late in the day keeps them awake at night. Experiment with what works for you.