Several years ago I built a custom home. In addition to our building team, we also hired an interior designer to help with the selection of finishes and furnishings.

For years I had been collecting floor plans, pinning white kitchens, and saving pages from magazines. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted the end product to look like, but I also liked elements of many different styles.

That is why you hire a professional.

She was able to take all of my ideas and captured the feeling I was trying to create in my home. She gave me what I wanted, and more!

In fact, it was better than I could have imagined. A professional was able to show me things I didn’t even know existed and worked with me to create something that was truly unique.

Yes, I could have tried to do it myself, but it would have taken so much longer and would not have been the same.  It is also quite possible that we would still be living with the same furniture we had during school looking at swatches of paint on the walls wondering how we could ever choose between the thousand different shades of white.

Just like an interior designer helps you design your home, a life coach helps you design your life. Hiring a coach allows you to see yourself more clearly and make progress faster than you could on your own. Because if you could do it on your own you already would have.

A coach can show you what is possible.

You probably know what you want to do, or how you want to feel and think – but maybe you haven’t succeeded yet and don’t understand why. You’ve probably read dozens of books on self-help, listened to podcasts, and read articles for years and think you know how to apply the concepts, but you aren’t. There is something missing.

Coaching helps you find it.

Being coached one on one is a different experience than just taking in new concepts and ideas, just like working with a designer is different than simply putting furniture in a room.

We all have thoughts that we’re not paying attention to, feelings that we are resisting or ignoring, and habits that we are unconscious of that are keeping us stuck.

A good coach can show you what you cannot see. 

Coaching is not telling you what to do or think. Coaching is helping you access your own wisdom so you can create a life you want to live with intention and purpose.

The benefits of working with a professional are long-lasting.

We have since sold the home we thought we would live in forever.  All of the furnishings looked great in our rental house, and they look amazing in the home we own now. That single investment has served us well in three different houses with different styles.

When you invest in professional coaching and apply the tools, the results are yours to carry with you wherever life takes you.

Curious what coaching can do for you?

Schedule a session. It’s free, painless, and you will leave with something you can begin using right away.


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