You deserve to feel good, no matter what is going on in the world right now, and no matter what is going on in your own personal life.

And beyond the fact you DESERVE to feel good, the ability to put yourself in good feeling states has so many flow-on benefits.

For example, the more you consciously support yourself to feel good, the less burdened you are by things like stress, fear, anxiety, and tension. 

The more this happens, the better it is for your physical and mental wellness. 

And the more that happens, the more you’re able to be present, connected, loving, kind, communicative, and patient in your relationships.

Plus the more you feel good, the more inspired, creative, and innovative you become with solving problems and forging a path for your goals and dreams.


FEELING GOOD is like a superpower for a beautiful life.

And I appreciate that during the global pandemic, so many people are affected in very real and deeply challenging ways which make it seem like a big stretch to feel good.

So today I’ve created a list of 11 things to instantly prompt you into a HIGH VIBE state of gratitude. 


Take a moment right now to FEEL grateful for each item on this list. 

The more you FEEL GOOD, the more you shift your energy, the more you’ll experience all awesome the benefits I mentioned above…

1. The Internet

Seriously… how lucky are we to live in the age of increasingly fast internet and technology?!

The internet allows us to instantly communicate with each other across the planet, to see each other, to hear each other, to congregate in groups virtually. 

It’s miraculous! Really! 

Have you ever pondered how freaking incredible it is and how much our lives are ENABLED because of the internet? I’m so deeply grateful for it. Are you?

2. Learning & Growth

The ability to learn is never to be taken for granted. Whether it’s formal or informal education, professional learning for work or developing yourself as a person, or practically learning life lessons the hard way! We are incredibly blessed for learning and growing during our lifetime. 

3. Health

No matter what your health is doing right now, even if you have health problems, there is SOMETHING in your body that is operating normally. 

Be it your heart, or lungs, or skin, or eyes, or nose, or digestive system, or your hands, or neck or feet… it doesn’t matter what is going on with your health, some part of your body is functioning!

Place your attention there and feel deep gratitude for that body part or organ. 

The body is a complete miracle, and even if some parts are malfunctioning, just witness how powerfully the other parts of the body do their best to keep going and keep supporting you. Send love to your body.

4. Adaptability

You are so adaptable. More than you realize. 

Life throws you a curveball and you sidestep it, you jump out of the way, you get knocked over and stand back up, you heal, you learn, you adapt. 

Just notice that you have a 100% track record of getting through everything in your life so far. Here you are… still standing, wiser and stronger. Be grateful for how adaptable you are.

5. Shelter

Do you sleep under shelter? 
Do you have a roof to seek cover under when it rains? 
Do you have the ability to house yourself, even if in less than ideal circumstances? 

If you do, give thanks for where you stand. If you want better, manifest and create better, but always let us be grateful when our basic human need for shelter is met. 

6. Free Will

How lucky we are as human beings to have free will?!

We get to choose what we believe. We get to choose how to shape our minds and thoughts. We get to choose how to respond to our feelings. We get to choose the reality we want to live in and how to respond to life. 

This creative ability to choose, to form direction in our own lives, to make the best of where we stand and to create a new tomorrow… this is priceless. 

7. Love

I know you’re thinking…. this should be #1 on the list!! TRUE! Be grateful for the energy of love. The love you feel in yourself for anything. The love you see others expressing. There’s nothing much to say about this other than… let’s LOVE THE LOVE! 

8. Water

Do you have access to clean water? 
Can you turn on a tap and drink from it? 

Give thanks each time you hydrate your body with a drink of water. 
Give thanks each time you can wash your body with warm water. 

Not everyone has readily accessible clean water. How lucky we are!

Where I live, we have rainwater only (collected off the house roof and fed into water tanks). The recent summer drought here was a great reminder of how precious water is, and how grateful I am when mother nature gives us rain!

9. The Greatest Teacher of All

Mother nature will consistently show up to teach you everything you could ever want to know about flow, patience, resilience, and grace. 

If you ever need to reset your energy go into nature. 
If you ever need peace, go to nature. 
If you ever want to hear your inner voice more clearly, go into nature. 

Nature supports us, feeds us, breathes us, and teaches us.

10. Community

Name one person that you are grateful to have in your life, and hold love in your heart for that person right now. Feel the good vibes. 

Here are prompts to help you… 

  • Who am I so grateful to walk this life journey with? 
  • Who would I NOT want to be without? 
  • Who has touched my life? 
  • Who has called me up to be the best version of myself? 
  • Who sees the power in me when I don’t see it in myself? 

11. Food

Glorious food! The sustenance, the nutrition, the very life-giving elements we need. 

But also, the flavors, the culture, the experiences, the joy, the yumminess, the eating rituals, the gathering with loved ones around meals, the family dinners, the social events with friends. Food, meals, cuisine… it’s a beautiful and fun part of life.


So there you have it… 11 prompts to put you into high vibe gratitude. 

Gratitude is a doorway into feeling good generally, helping good vibes to spill over into all the coming moments of your day, helping you to face each person and situation from a place of grace.

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