Do you have anxiety

What do you make it mean that you have anxiety? 

Here is what some of my clients have told me.

There is something wrong with me.

I need to change my life if I want my anxiety to go away.

I am unfix-able.

If you are making your anxiety mean something bad about you, then you are mistaken.

There are VERY specific reasons why anxiety exists.

Our brain has one job, to keep us alive

Part of that job means being on the lookout for potential danger, all the time.

This is why your brain goes to the worst-case scenario. 

This was really useful for our predecessors when it came to poison berries, predators, and finding shelter.  

Less useful when it comes to your boss, your deadlines, and your schedule.

Anxiety is creating a flight or fight response in our brain.  

Then, add to this that our brains have A LOT of information to filter through at any point in time. The brain is an efficient organ and It will filter through information based on what it already thinks it knows. 

This allows quicker senses and allows us to avoid the same mistakes. It also leads to a massive negativity bias we are always finding evidence to support.

Think someone doesn’t like you? Your brain will find evidence for it and IGNORE anything else.

Lastly, your brain focuses on what it sees and has been told. From a young age we are taught right and wrong and to hide our emotions. People-pleasing is taught to us from day one. 

Here’s some good news.

Every problem has a solution.

I’ll be providing that to you in the next email

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