Tabbouleh is a traditional Middle Eastern salad packed with a variety of delicious veggies and fresh herbs. Top with a light dressing of lemon juice, herbs, and olive oil, to really bring out all the amazing flavor combinations this salad has!


Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes


    • 1 head cauliflower, cut into florets
    • 1/4 c freshly squeezed lemon juice
    • 1/4 c extra virgin olive oil
    • 1 clove garlic, minced
    • 2 t ground sumac, plus extra to serve
    • 1 t ground cumin
    • 1 c chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
    • 1/4 c chopped fresh mint
    • 1 large fennel bulb, finely diced
    • 1 red onion, finely diced
    • 2 Lebanese cucumbers, chopped
    • 8 okra pods, sliced into thin rounds
    • 1 carrot, peeled and shredded
    • 1 c tomatoes, chopped into large cubes
    • 1 T white sesame seeds, toasted


  1. In a food processor, process the cauliflower until it resembles coarse rice grains. Transfer to a large serving bowl.
  2. To make the dressing, whisk together the lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, sumac, and cumin and set aside.
  3. In the large serving bowl, combine the processed cauliflower with the parsley, mint, fennel, red onion, cucumbers, okra, carrot, and tomatoes. Pour the dressing over and mix until well combined. Season with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper, then leave to marinate for 10 minutes.
To serve:
Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and a little sumac. Serve immediately.

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