We have a new cleanse program available in the clinic today! Did you have a little too much sugar/alcohol/baked goods over the holiday season? This program will give you just the Jumpstart you need to get back on track and increase your energy and lose the bloat.

What are the Program Objectives?

  • Reduce the amount of toxins, diminishing the burden on the body.
  • Food elimination diet + low glycemic load–you’ll eliminate things like dairy, grains, sugar, saturated fat, artificial sweeteners, and processes foods. In addition you’ll be choosing from a low glycemic index list of foods.
  • Test possible food allergens by adding them to your diet one at a time and tracking how you feel. When you are finished with the 14 day cleanse, you’ll add back in items like whole grains or grass fed beef–items that are not allowed on the cleanse but can possibly be a part of a healthy diet if you body allows for it.
  • See the effects of starchy foods on your weight and metabolic balance. Although weight loss is not a major goal of the program, you’ll likely see some weight fall off when starchy and pro-inflammatory foods are not part of your diet. You’ll also notice a nice change in energy and even moods.
  • Learn how to maintain your healthier metabolism with balanced meal portions. You’ll notice when you are done you don’t need as much food as you might have thought you did!

What’s Included in the Box?

Vanilla Vegan Protein: Great tasting plant-based protein powder with 5 protein sources (pea, rice hemp, chia, cranberry). Mixes easily into water, unsweetened almond milk (our favorite!) or unsweetened coconut milk.  Great base for adding berries and the Super Greens powder.

Super Greens: Extra antioxidants from real fruits and veggies!

Liposomal Curcumin:Curcumin is the most powerful antioxidant on the planet!  In addition, the liposomal form is the most absorbable for your body.

Dual Detox: This is a liver lovin’ formula that will help you eliminate toxins and speed up your metabolism.

What will my days look like on the cleanse?

You’ll have a morning detox shake with the Vegan Protein Powder, Super Greens and the Liposomal Curcumin, along with 2 capsules of the Dual Detox. Mid morning you can have a snack of fruit and nuts or nut butter. Lunch will be a salad or non-starchy veggie with protein.  Leftovers from last night’s dinner work great! Afternoon snack will be another detox shake with the Dual Detox. Dinner consists of 4 oz. protein with cooked veggies and/or salads.  There are many appropriate recipes on our website for lunch and dinner!  Try Coconut Buttermilk Grilled Chicken, Gluten Free Zucchini Pasta Primavera, Turkey Three Bean Chili over Spaghetti Squash, or Wild Salmon and Sweet Potato Skillet Hash!

You’ll also be incorporating good healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado oil, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, nuts, and coconut. Lots of green, leafy vegetables will also be part of your diet! You’ll drink lots of water, but avoid foods like beef, pork, processed meats, all grains, and white foods, such as dairy, sugar, saturated, fat, artificial sweeteners, white potatoes, and flours.

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We are loving this Jumpstart Cleanse and we know you will too.

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