Women can recover more slowly from a heart attack than men. But don’t worry, there’s plenty you can do to prevent that from happening to you. Let’s start with the four fundamental ways to quickly bounce back.

1. Learn To Say “No”

This wasn’t the first thing you thought would be on the list, right? As I’m sure you’re only too aware, women tend to put others first. And that can often mean that they put their healing second.

By learning to say “no” more often, you can better manage your stress, make it easier to manage your time, and exercise and eat healthier more regularly… preventing a heart attack.

This strategy can also help when you’re in recovery, as you’ll be less likely to do too much too soon.

2. Find Support

Online resources and support groups are essential for proper heart attack prevention. They can help motivate you to begin meal planning for you and your family, exploring heart-healthy recipes, and process what you’re going through during recovery or improving your lifestyle with people who understand.

3. Go To Cardiac Rehab

Sometimes it’s just easier to keep your heart healthy away from home. But you might also attend sessions that last from one to three hours and take place several times a week for a few months to get you on track.

Cardiac rehab has been proven to reduce mortality, and serve as a powerful motivator to stay healthy long-term, as well as an excellent opportunity to meet with other women who can give you a confidence boost.

4. Read Widely

There are a lot of approaches to nutrition and health. But only you know what’s worked for you and what feels right to you.

One of the ways of finding your personal perfect solution to heart health is to read widely. With experience, you’ll find the experts that fit, the dietary approaches that suit your body and give you great lab results so you can be confident you’re on the right track. So make sure to read around the subject on and offline.

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