Let’s talk about being BOLD and having the courage to GO FOR IT!

Someone told me today they don’t have the courage or strength to do what they want with their life.

Then I had another conversation with someone else who said that fear is stopping them from moving forward, and they are waiting to feel more certainty and courage.

2 questions…

Do you need courage first in order to take action?
Or is it taking action that actually builds courage?

It’s a bit like the mind-twister question… which came first – the chicken or the egg?!

In my experience, ACTION TAKING helps to build courage and unleashes an inner strength you don’t even know that you have.

I have been BOLD in my life, and I’m proud of it!

But guess what… at first I was filled with fear, anxiety, concerns and hesitation, biting my nails as I went about taking action to make my dreams a reality.

I didn’t have much courage when I started. It was the action taking that developed my courage, step by step.

If I had waited for full blown courage before stepping out of my comfort zone, I would still be STUCK sitting in my “old life” wondering when courage was going to come and find me!

Courage isn’t coming to find you.

You have to challenge yourself… which comes first, your courage or your action?

If you think courage has to come first, and you don’t feel courageous, where does that leave you? A little bit screwed, right?! 😆 I say this with love, as I’ve been there!

While you absolutely do need to address any underlying beliefs that might hold you back, and be blocking your courageous confident self, you also need to be TAKING ACTION. 

Here’s what courage could look like…

Someone who takes fear by the hand, takes many deep breaths to calm their anxiety, and starts taking steps while constantly talking lovingly to themselves inside their mind… “it’s okay, things will be okay, you’re doing great, just keep moving, believe in yourself, you can do this, you ARE doing this, you’re strong, you’re courageous, you’re capable…”

So what do you want to do, that you’ve been waiting to find the courage for?

Sending love and good energy in support of your goals and dreams. I believe in you.
P 💛

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