Too busy to come into the clinic? Live too far away? No problem! We do virtual appointments! You receive the same personalized treatment you are accustomed to here in the clinic. If you need supplements as part of your treatment plan, we can ship those out at no charge (2 or more items).


  1. Phone: We are happy to have a consultation with you just over the phone.
  2. Skype/Zoom: We love being able to see your smiling face during our consultations! Skype allows us to screen share with you so you can see lab results on your screen as well. We like video calls as well because it keeps our focus, with fewer distractions than if we are just on the phone. It’s easy and free to set up on your computer–we will walk you through it if needed.
  3. FaceTime: We are equipped with Apple products here in the office, so if you are as well, we can FaceTime.

Don’t let time or distance keep you from taking care of your health! Give us a call today to schedule your VIRTUAL appointment!

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