I LOOOOOVE talking about changing habits, and I love talking about them with down to earth colleagues that have great suggestions and thoughts around transforming habits and creating a life that supports health and expands it!

As you probably already know your habits and rituals truly make up the foundation of your life. Everything you think, say, do and feel from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night, is creating your life experience. Your habits either help you move in the direction of your desired life, or they hinder you on your path toward success. It is no wonder that there is a whole self-help industry dedicated to helping people create change and achieve success in all parts of life.

For many the idea of changing a habit still seems difficult and complicated. The mainstream media has taught us that changing our habits is a long, painful, and difficult process. However, if the steps toward habit change are approached in small increments and with commitment and focus, then shifts can happen instantly and with ease.

No matter how big or small your life changes feel, it is important to believe in yourself and remember that change is possible in any area of your life. Follow these tips below when beginning your journey toward transformation:

  1. Take responsibility for your own outcomes in life. In order to make any changes in your life, you must first understand that you are responsible for all of the results and outcomes in your life. No one is doing it for you and it’s not other people’s fault you haven’t accomplished your goals. Nobody thinks for you, nobody feels for you, and nobody takes actions for you. Embrace the power of being in control of your own life.
  2. Make a new action plan and do it (even when it gets hard). If something has not worked for you in the past try something new and see if it works better. Try a different workout, a different approach to relationships, a different diet or a different job. There are endless strategies out there to help you make major changes to any part of your life, find the one that works best for you. Write out a plan with your actions steps and precise goals. This will help guide you in your transformation.
  3. Start small. Making small changes at first is much more effective and manageable.  Your new rituals and habits will feel foreign at first so it is important that you set yourself up for success and not give up. Integrating a larger shift too fast could feel overwhelming to your system. Most changes that really last won’t feel very drastic. It’s the small changes over time that will add up and lead you toward your bigger vision in the long run.
  4. Trust your intuition and focus on what feels good. The point of life is to feel good and have fun! Seek out the things that make you feel good. This will help to change the tone of your life and set you on a path toward shifting your outlook and perspective. The more you follow what feels good to you, the easier it will be to seize the right opportunities. The universe will unfold in magical and synchronistic ways for you, but you must pay attention.
  5. Create accountability.  Finding a way to create accountability is one of the best ways to integrate new habits. Find a workout buddy, join a support group, make a public announcement or find another way to hold yourself accountable to your new rituals. If you know others are watching or holding you accountable you are less likely to skip or make excuses for your new habits.
  6. Fake it ’til you make it. Act as if you have already achieved the change you want to see. Embody it, talk about it, feel it and think like the person who has already achieved those goals. This will help you get there faster. Start today.

Remember anything is possible. Relax and be gentle with yourself.  Be determined, committed and fierce. Time is precious so start creating small shifts in your habits today. Here is to your best life ever!

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